Do you suffer from low back pain? Ankle sprains? Tension in your neck and shoulders while working? Do your injuries seem to keep coming back?   Are you recovering from a recent surgery? You’re not alone. At  body align physical therapy, we treat a variety of orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.  We have the best success with our manual therapy techniques but also incorporate taping techniques, cold laser therapy, splints, and other modalities into our treatments

Sports Injury
Leg Stretch


We examine all possible contributing factors and treat the underlying causes of your pain.  You may have weakness, poor flexibility, faulty posture or gait, muscle guarding, myofascial restrictions, decreased joint mobility,  or another variable. After our thorough evaluation of your symptoms, we develop an individualized program for you.   This program will be modified until you meet your rehab goals. We treat the whole body, from the bones in your head to to tips of your toes. 

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