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Luanne Sforza, PT, GCFP

Luanne is a physical therapist with more than 35 years of experience. She is passionate about helping others and has a specialty in treatment of orthopedic, musculoskeletal and sports-related injuries.

“Improve Your Life With Movement!”™

This is a phrase Luanne strongly believes in and trademarked as the motto for her business, Integrative Physical Therapy. After maintaining successful practices in Union Square for over 25 years, she has merged her NYC practice with Body Align PT.

Integrates PT and The Feldenkrais Method®

Luanne is a unique physical therapist who is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®. The Feldenkrais Method® is an approach that addresses function and movement of the whole body, rather than a single body part. The Feldenkrais Method® benefits those with injuries as well as those who wish to function with greater efficiency, such as athletes.

Luanne is also trained in diagnosing and addressing a person’s movement habits known as “Movement Impairment Syndromes”, developed by Shirley Sahrmann, PT, PhD at Washington University. Underlying habits and movement patterns could contribute to your current problem. Addressing these faulty movement habits is critical for long-term improvement, as opposed to addressing current pain which is likely to return. With Luanne’s help, you will be educated about your specific problem, develop an awareness of your posture and movement patterns and learn new and different movement strategies.

About Luanne

Luanne graduated from SUNY at Buffalo with a Bachelor of Science in physical therapy and from Frank Wildman’s Manhattan 2 Feldenkrais® training program. She is a certified licensee in the Tupler Technique® for closing abdominal diastasis. A firm believer in continuing education, Luanne continues to take courses in both physical therapy and the Feldenkrais Method®, with a recent focus on the “missing link”, the pelvic floor.

Luanne works at Body Align PT three days a week and maintains her practice, Integrative Physical Therapy, in Katonah, NY, two days a week. Outside of work Luanne enjoys walking/running with Jeff Galloway’s training program, cross training with Nordic poles, cardio kickboxing and biking.

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