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Jill Hoefs, MPT, Owner of Body Align Physical Therapy, Author of Your Best Pregnancy

Jill Hoefs is the founder of Body Align Physical Therapy in Manhattan. Body Align is infused with Jill’s unique vision and passion, along with her 16 years of experience at a variety of outpatient NYC physical therapy facilities. Though treatments vary, Jill’s hands-on approach to soft tissue injuries has helped many of her patients avoid more invasive procedures. Her adept manual therapy techniques benefit those seeking to improve mobility and function, relieve muscular tension, or reduce pain. Jill offers focused, one-to-one personal care, compassion and an unequivocal commitment to her patients and their goals.

Jill’s areas of expertise include:

Women’s Health

Jill believes too many women don’t receive the care they need for abdominal pain, embarrassing leaking (both urine and poop), pelvic floor and tailbone pain, painful sex, aching menstrual cycles and more. Jill helps women in all these areas so they can enjoy life without pain and self-consciousness.

Jill has helped countless pregnant and post-partum women in pain. This expertise led her to co-write Your Best Pregnancy, which addresses and provides treatment solutions for the common pregnancy pains and discomforts she has treated.   Jill is also a licensed Instructor of The Tupler Technique®, to help women close their separated abdominal muscles, which frequently occurs during pregnancy.


Jill’s broad physical therapy background includes sports medicine, emphasizing both injury rehabilitation and post-surgical care. Jill treats the patient’s primary symptoms and more importantly addresses the root of the problem to avoid a re-occurrence. Jill looks at the whole body, and not the individual problem.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation

Jill is a PORi-Certified Oncology Rehabilitation Therapist.  Jill began studying breast cancer in 2019 when she noted a rise in diagnoses among her patients and didn’t know how to properly help them with their pain and symptoms.  Through continuing education classes, she studied the complexities of the disease and treatments so she could help her patients minimize the side effects and maximize their function. 

More About Jill

Jill holds a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology and a Master’s degree in physical therapy from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Her post-graduation education has been extensive, attending courses and internships all over the country. Jill’s fear of getting stale with her skills pushes her to expand her knowledge base and be the best physical therapist for her patients.

Jill quickly learned that her fifth-floor walk-up apartment was not very baby-friendly in 2010 and left Manhattan for the New Jersey suburbs. Jill lives in Summit, NJ with her husband, son, and two daughters. Jill enjoys healthy cooking and fattening baking, entertaining friends, water sports, traveling with her family and/or girlfriends, and running.  She is currently training a marathon - first one since 2007.  Yikes!

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