Patient Information 

Insurance information

As of June, 2020, we are no longer verifying and processing health insurance benefits and claims.  We will provide patients with the paperwork they need to submit their claim receipts for out-of-network physical therapy reimbursement.  Patients will need to contact their health insurance company by calling the phone number for member services on the back of their cards.  Please inquire about:

  • How much is your deductible for out of network physical therapy?

  • How many visits does your plan cover?

  • What percentage of the cost will your insurance company cover?  (This is usually 60%, 70% or 80%)

  • Do you need a prescription from your doctor or insurance authorization for physical therapy?

  • Do you need to fill out a specific forms for your treatments to be covered?

  • Where should you mail your reimbursement forms?


For your first appointment, please make sure to:

  • Complete initial evaluation forms in your patient portal

  • Bring a prescription from your referring doctor

  • Bring any imaging reports you have

  • Bring shorts and a t-shirt for comfort during initial evaluation.  Gowns will also be provided