Ergonomic Consultations

Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment.
Improving work station ergonomics involves  altering one's workplace design to fit his or her needs, size, and job functions.   Proper ergonomic design helps employees avoid repetitive strains and the long-term disabilities that may develop when working in poorly designed workspaces.  

Body align physical  therapists provide businesses with ergonomic consultations to reduce work-related injuries and improve employee productivity. Our therapists will visit businesses on-site to assess workplace design and develop an ergonomic program tailored to the facility. We also offer ergonomic training sessions and presentations to inform employees on proper ergonomic practices and ways to fight office fatigue.

Most recommendations are not cost-prohibitive and can be as simple as providing an ergonomically-designed chair or desk, or storing materials in a more easy-to-reach place. These simple changes can help reduce costly workers’ compensation claims, as well as higher workers’ compensation insurance premiums. Please contact body align physical therapy  if you would like to speak about developing an ergonomic program for your workplace.