Concierge Services

You don’t realize how much you walk or how many subway steps you take until you can no longer do it. You shouldn’t have to risk falling in the rain or snow while trying to get to appointments with crutches or a post-operative boot. Or you may have a rigid schedule and can’t sneak away for physical therapy. Or you may have just had a baby and don’t feel ready to venture out of your home. If you can’t get away, let us come to you. Body Align Physical Therapy offers a luxury concierge physical therapy service and we will treat you in your home or office.

Types of home treatments offered:

  • Manual therapy (external only) – scar massage, spine and pelvis alignment, trigger point release, visceral manipulation, joint mobility, passive and assisted range of motion

  • Postural correction – ergonomics of home activities, postural re-education

  • Strength training

  • Stretching

  • Core training/stability

  • Preparation for working with a personal trainer

  • Gait training

  • Breathing and relaxation training

  • Cold laser –scar care

  • Bed rest strategies and gentle exercise (with doctor or midwife approval)

  • Manual therapy (external only) – scar massage, spine and pelvis alignment, trigger point release, visceral manipulation, joint mobility, skin rolling, perineal massage

  • Postural correction – instruction on pain-free and safe positioning for nursing/sleeping/turning the baby, bending & lifting mechanics during pregnancy and post-partum

  • Diastasis recti prevention and correction

  • Strength training

  • Pelvic floor training

  • Safe exercise during pregnancy

Reasons To Call Us:
  • You currently have crutches, a CAM boot, or surgical shoes making  it too difficult to travel

  • You can’t fit physical therapy into your hectic schedule

  • You desire increased privacy

  • Inclement weather increases your risk of falling

  • You have too much pain or feel too weak to do leave your home

  • Surgery is scheduled but your surgeon wants you to have more pre-op strength

  • Stretching

  • Core training/stability

  • Gait training

  • Breathing and relaxation training

  • Labor and delivery preparation

  • Biofeedback

  • Cold laser – c-section and episiotomy scar care

Reasons To Call Us:
  • You are on “bed rest” or “activity restriction” and physical therapy is beyond your “safe” distance

  • It is too difficult to travel through the city

  • The inclement weather makes you feel unsafe to walk outside

  • You don't know what exercise is acceptable to do while pregnant

  • Your pelvis or tailbone is too painful to walk

  • You feel too weak to take care of yourself

  • Your body needs more preparation for labor

  • Your incontinence prevents you from leaving the house for long periods of time

  • Your abdomen looks like a football or has a gaping hole when you sit up

  • You have limited childcare and tiy need to care for yourself while your baby naps