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We see patients at their homes or offices for a variety of reasons.  We travel to surrounding towns (of New Providence office) with a portable treatment table, linens, protective gear, and all the equipment we need.  ​

  • We understand the hesitation to venture out with fears of Covid 19.  Nervous about medical appointments?  We can still help.

  • Did you just have surgery?  Are you relearning how to walk  with crutches or a post-operative boot?  We will teach you all the tricks you need to ambulate safely and efficiently. 

  • Just have a baby?    Need some help during your "fourth trimester?"   It is our specialty.  Please make sure you have childcare so you can concentrate on your recovery without too many interruptions

  • Slammed with work and can't escape?   You can still get the care you need with a demanding schedule. 

Pilates with Ball

Types of Home Health PT We Offer

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  • Manual therapy (external only) – scar massage, spine and pelvis alignment, trigger point release, visceral manipulation, joint mobility, passive and assisted range of motion

  • Postural correction - ergonomics of home activities, postural re-education

  • Strength training

  • Stretching

  • Gait training

  • Core training/stability

  • Preparation for working with a personal trainer

  • Cold-laser scar care



  • Bed rest strategies and gentle exercise (with doctor or midwife approval)

  • Strength training

  • Pelvic floor training

  • Manual therapy - scar massage, spine and pelvis alignment, trigger point release, visceral manipulation, joint mobility, skin rolling, perineal massage

  • Postural correction- instruction on pain-free and safe positioning for nursing/sleeping/turning the baby, bending smf lifting mechanics during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Diastasis recti prevention & correction

  • Safe exercise during prgenancy

  • Core training & stability

  • Labor & delivery preparation

  • Pelvic floor biofeedback

  • Cold-laser: C-section & episiotomy scar care

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  • Stretching and strengthening program for periscapular muscles and core

  • Gentle manual therapy to release tension and limitations in contracted muscles, fascia, radiated tissue & surgical scars

  • Balance & gait training

  • Swelling management & reduction

  • Functional training such as dressing, position changes, grocery shopping, driving, etc.

  • Safe exercise progression program to regain strength and function


  • You recently had surgery and aren't able to travel
  • You desire increased privacy
  • Inclement weather increased your risk of falling
  • You can't fit physical therapy into your hectic schedule
  • You have to much pain or feel too weak to leave your home
  • Surgery is scheduled but your surgeon wants you to have more pre-op strength


  • You are on best rest or "activity restriction" and traveling to physical therapy is beyond your "safe distance"

  • You don't know what exercises are safe to do while prgnant

  • Your pelvis or tailbone are too painful to walk

  • Your incontinence prevents you from leaving your house for long periods of time

  • You just had a baby! You don't need any other reason to request concierge care

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