To our patients, colleagues, and friends - 

Thank you for the opportunity to help you for the past 11+ years.  To say it was a pleasure working with you is an understatement.  As we continue to move forward into these uncertain times, I decided to permanently close our NYC office.    We don't know when it is safe to reopen and if/when it will be feasible while homeschooling our children and having to commute.  When the time is right, I (Jill) will resume seeing patients in New Providence, NJ and expand my hours to be full time in this location.  Jodie plans to open a private practice in Westchester.  Luanne miraculously sold her home and moved to a lovely home in Connecticut during this pandemic where she plans to work locally.    We can help you find caring providers to help you reach all your goals that weren't met when we abruptly closed in March.   Thank you for trusting us with your care for all these years.  Please stay safe and don't be strangers. 


Jill Hoefs -

Jodie Lippman

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We specialize in women's health issues. Equipped with techniques and information, we can mitigate your pregnancy-related symptoms and smooth the transition from pregnancy to childbirth.


We have specific knowledge and tools targeted toward helping patients recover from a variety of orthopedic and sports-related conditions.


We can gently help you with the painful side effects of both cancer and the treatments to conquer it.  We want to help you return to the activities you enjoy and minimize your discomfort and limitations.  

Whether you are recovering from surgery, following bedrest restrictions, experiencing too much pain to get around, or simply prefer to be treated in the privacy of your home or office, we will come to you.

We accept most insurance plans that have out-of-network benefits such as UnitedHealthcare, MagnaCare, Oxford, BCBS, Aetna and Cigna. Please call to inquire about additional insurances not listed. Here are a few questions to should consider when determining your coverage:

  • What is the amount of your deductible?

  • How many visits are you entitled to?

  • What is the maximum amount the insurance company will cover?

Our staff is very knowledgeable and happy to verify your health care benefits. We will efficiently process your insurance claims so you can focus on healing.

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At body align physical therapy,  we provide our patients with the best resources and treatments to help them heal quickly and resume the activities they enjoy.

Our treatment approach utilizes a combination of manual therapies designed to help patients meet their functional goals.  We work one-on-one with our patients and provide the tools they need to manage their symptoms  and prevent future injuries. 


Jill Hoefs, MPT, Owner of Body Align Physical Therapy, Author of Your Best Pregnancy

Jill Hoefs is the founder of Body Align Physical Therapy in Manhattan. Body Align is infused with Jill’s unique vision and passion, along with her 16 years of experience at a variety of outpatient NYC physical therapy facilities. Though treatments vary, Jill’s hands-on approach to soft tissue injuries has helped many of her patients avoid more invasive procedures. Her adept manual therapy techniques benefit those seeking to improve mobility and function, relieve muscular tension, or reduce pain. Jill offers focused, one-to-one personal care, compassion and an unequivocal commitment to her patients and their goals.




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