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We can gently help you with the painful side effects of both cancer and the treatments to conquer it.  We want to help you return to the activities you enjoy and minimize your discomfort and limitations.   

We have specific knowledge and tools to help patients recover from orthopedic pains, postural and repetitive stress injuries,  and weekend warrior regrets.

Sensitive women's health issues are not frequently discussed.  But urine leakage, painful sex, (dyspareunia), organ prolapse,  digestive disorders,  and pelvic burning, itching, or irritation certainly do occur.  And we address these conditions. 

Equipped with techniques and information, we can help you get ready for pregnancy, treat any painful symptoms you experience during it, and help you recover after childbirth.  

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At body align physical therapy, we believe highly in inclusion and provide all of our patients with the best resources and treatments to help them heal quickly and resume the activities they enjoy. And we're proud to service the LGBTQ+ community.

Our treatment approach utilizes a combination of manual therapies designed to help patients meet their functional goals.  We work one-on-one with our patients and provide the tools they need to manage their symptoms  and prevent future injuries. 

Jill Hoefs, MPT
// Owner of Body Align Physical Therapy
// Author of "Your Best Pregnancy"

Body Align is infused with Jill’s unique vision and passion, along with her 18 years of experience at a variety of outpatient NYC and NJ physical therapy facilities. Though treatments vary, Jill’s hands-on approach to soft tissue injuries has helped many of her patients avoid more invasive procedures. Her adept manual therapy techniques benefit those seeking to improve mobility and function, relieve muscular tension, or reduce pain. Jill offers focused, one-to-one personal care, compassion and an unequivocal commitment to her patients and their goals.



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