About Body Align

Body Align Physical Therapy in Manhattan and Summit, NJ is a leading orthopedic and women’s health rehabilitation center. Our practice blends traditional and innovative physical therapy treatments with research and education to provide our patients with a full continuum of care. We use proven treatment methods, resources, and modalities to help our patients recover. Learn more.

Our Staff

Our therapists offer one-on-one, personal attention in private treatment rooms. We work with our patients in a fully-equipped gym, in addition to using manual therapy and hands-on techniques to assist with their rehabilitation. The certified and highly trained Body Align therapists specialize in several key rehabilitation areas to offer a diverse selection of programs to our patients. Learn more.

Author of Your Best Pregnancy

Your Best PregnancyAs an author and expert in pregnancy, Jill Hoefs can make you feel at ease by guiding you through your pregnancy in a safe and healthy way. Come see us to answer your questions and relieve your aches and pains. Get your copy of the book here.