About Body Align

Body Align Physical Therapy in Manhattan and Summit, NJ is a leading orthopedic and women’s health rehabilitation center. Our practice blends traditional and innovative physical therapy treatments with research and education to provide our patients with a full continuum of care. We use proven treatment methods, resources, and modalities to help our patients recover. Learn more.

Our Staff

Our therapists offer one-on-one, personal attention in private treatment rooms. We work with our patients in a fully-equipped gym, in addition to using manual therapy and hands-on techniques to assist with their rehabilitation. The certified and highly trained Body Align therapists specialize in several key rehabilitation areas to offer a diverse selection of programs to our patients. Learn more.

Women’s Health

Body Align specializes in the Tupler Technique®: A non-surgical way to heal a diastasis recti a.k.a “mummy tummy.” This technique will help close the gap and heal the connective tissue when rectus abdominal muscles separate. Learn more.